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Delise and Hall, Attorneys at Law Since 1979

Delise & Hall is a full service New Orleans, Louisiana based law firm with offices in New Orleans and Covington and associate attorneys nationwide and in Italy and Greece. Since 1979 the attorneys of Delise & Hall have represented clients across the world in major personal injury litigation, diving law, maritime personal injury, domestic litigation and criminal matters. Delise & Hall accepts attorney referrals from around the globe. As well as representing clients the attorneys of Delise & Hall can provide expert opinions and testimony in diving matters.

The experienced attorneys and staff of Delise and Hall can assist anyone in need of legal assistance in General, Diving, Maritime and Personal Injury Litigation.  Delise and Hall can also provide legal guidance, consultation and litigation support in Criminal Law.

What We Do in Personal Injury Matters

The experienced attorneys and staff of Delise & Hall will assist attorneys, investigators, and families in the post-casualty investigation prior to the commencement of any litigation. We invite you to contact us to discuss your legal needs.

Diving Law

The attorneys of Delise and Hall know that divers and their families do not want their attorney to learn about the complexities of diving as their case progresses. We pride ourselves at being on the cutting edge of diving law. The attorneys of Delise and Hall are divers, they know diving and divers.

Maritime Law

The attorneys and staff of Delise and Hall are highly experienced in representing mariners in litigation under the Jones Act and General Maritime Law in connection with personal injury and death.

Personal Injury

The attorneys of Delise and Hall realize that the most important goal is to help their clients return to their pre-incident life as quickly and meaningfully as possible.

Criminal Law

The attorneys and associate lawyers of Delise and Hall combine their knowledge, skill and years of criminal law courtroom experience in Louisiana and Federal Courts to provide the strongest defense for their clients at this challenging juncture in their lives.

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