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The attorneys of Delise and Hall serve their client’s needs in all areas of criminal, municipal and administrative law combining their knowledge, skill and decades of experience in Federal and State Courts throughout Louisiana and throughout the United States in the federal system.
The vast majority of time, the “pre-charge” time period is the most important phase of a criminal case; once charges have been filed the charge becomes public record and time may be lost finding witnesses and providing guidance to the accused. In short, time is of the essence to contact legal counsel following an arrest.

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Local Experience with Criminal Law

Criminal charges may have severe punishments, ranging from imprisonment to the permanent loss of certain rights, including the right to vote.

In light of the potential consequences one should not take a chance with something this important to not hire a law firm that knows the intricacies of criminal law in Louisiana.

The lawyers at Delise & Hall are known and respected in Louisiana State, Federal and Municipal Courts for the aggressive pursuit of their clients’ interests, a characteristic appreciated by their clients facing criminal charges.

Our Criminal Law services

Delise and Hall can provide assistance in the following areas:
  • Charges for Violations of all State and Federal Laws
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Municipal Violations
  • Expungements
  • Criminal and Civil Property Forfeiture
  • Application for Parole
  • Post Conviction Appeal

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