Arrested for DUI in Louisiana?

2009 Changes in Louisiana’s DUI laws and what they mean for St. Tammany Parish

Being arrested for a DUI can be a scary, confusing, and even dehumanizing experience. If you or someone you love has been arrested for a DUI in Louisiana, it is important to understand the proper steps to take regarding this arrest. Contact DAH for information and guidance during this difficult situation with potentially serious implications.

If you are pulled over

If you have been pulled over by an officer who suspects you of driving while under the influence, do not take part in any field sobriety tests or submit to a breathalyzer. Additionally, do not answer any questions other than providing your license, registration, and insurance information to the officer.

  • Field sobriety tests are designed to give the police officer probable cause for your arrest, but will not help you prove sobriety. They can be used to build a case against you, but will do little to help your defense.
  • You are within your rights to refuse to answer questions or to take a field sobriety test or breathalyzer. However, this is not the time to upset the officer, so all refusals should be made politely.

If you are arrested

If you are arrested, you will be taken to the police station. There, you will be photographed, fingerprinted, and searched. This can be very disturbing, but the best way to handle this situation is to stay calm.

  • Contact an attorney immediately. If you call someone you are close to, ask them to contact an attorney for you. The sooner your attorney is hired, the better your defense will be.
  • An experienced DUI attorney can guide you through the process, making sure that you file all paperwork in the appropriate time and that you pursue the best course of action for your particular situation.

If you have taken a breathalyzer test or taken a field sobriety test, an experienced DUI lawyer will analyze those tests and contest their validity in court, if possible. Only your lawyer can tell you what the best course of action is regarding your DUI or DWI.

Don’t drink and drive

This goes without saying, but the best way to handle an arrest for a DUI is not to get one in the first place.

Count on a local, experienced DUI attorney for your best defense

The repercussions for a DUI or DWI charge can be very serious, ranging from higher insurance, fines, suspended or revoked license, and even jail. You don’t have to handle this difficult time on your own, contact the Louisiana DUI attorneys at DAH today for guidance and information you can rely on.

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